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This Weight Loss Pack is the perfect selection for you who want training focused on weight loss.

- This weight loss Pack consists of DEFINE X-BODY of 90caps. It is the best, most concentrated and powerful thermogenic on the market specifically for women. This is a line created specifically for women, we created a fat burner with twelve of the best and most studied ingredients to burn fat especially in women, to improve training performance and at the same time help eliminate fluid retention. DEFINE BODY represents a new concept in fat burners for women. Its unique and effective combination of 12 active ingredients helps eliminate unwanted fat once and for all.

- With X-PLOSIVE PRE WORKOUT "blue tropical flavor", you will boost and increase your energy, enhancing and maximizing your performance during training. X-PLOSIVE PRE WORKOUT is a new and revolutionary ultra pre-workout formula with an ultra-concentrated creatine nitrate content. It is a unique formula on the market that can be taken immediately after starting a workout or exercise session. Strength, energy, resistance. For a top workout!

- Finally, we also added the BCAA's "watermelon flavor". They are a set of essential amino acids, and for this reason they cannot be synthesized by the body, so we must introduce them through the diet or supplements. They are considered "special" amino acids because they not only act as "structural blocks" of the muscle, but also as signaling the beginning of protein synthesis, through the activation of mTOR. In other words, they have the keys to starting the muscle-building machine and leucine is the main headliner for this purpose. These amino acids are ideal for muscles to absorb immediately, multiplying their benefits and counteracting muscle catabolism. As mentioned, they promote protein synthesis, but also prevent muscle catabolism, that is, maximizing the effect of fatigue. They are an excellent ally for preserving glycogen, as BCAAs can easily be used as muscle fuel. They reduce the sensation of pain after training, maximizing your performance.

ELLIPSE NUTRITION PERFORMANCE, State-of-the-art nutrition!